Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do You Mind If We Start Over?

A new day has come...

Some may be wondering why, given that I already have a perfectly good blog operating already, why I would bother starting another one.  So some self-justification is in order.

The fact is that, despite my earlier intentions, the old blog was not quite as ordered and logical as I had imagined it would be.  The may be because my mind is not quite the ordered and logical organ that a large amount of school/university fees had hoped to produce.  Certain personality tests have suggested that I am Comfortable With Chaos.  I believe this is reflected not only in my taste in The Arts, but the general state of my desk.

Anyhoo, the upshot is that my previous blogging attempt has devolved into a bit of a mess.  Serious theological reflection sits alongside satire, book/music reviews, and other assorted procrastination.  The effect is rather like looking at my sock drawer, where formal and sports items form an uneasy salad of hosiery.  As such, my writings have not been either as amusing or as edifying as I had hoped they would be.  So a solution must be found.

The old blog will remain as an outlet for the detritus of my conscience.  Those who like my observations on music, comedy, politics, and other nonsensicals will be occasionally rewarded with a tidbit.  However, given that I am soon to embark upon higher Theological study (an MTh at Moore College beckons in 2013), a dedicated space has been created for reflections on my study of the Scriptures and the works of great minds of the past who have helped The Church to understand them.  I intend on making one post per week.  Let's see how we go with that.

And why the title "Finding My Keys..."?

There are many minds greater than my own devoted to exploring the truth of God and Christ in the Online World.  They are aided in this by being gifted with minds that ordered, logical, and highly retentive.  Their exegesis and analysis resembles something like an archaeologist painstakingly considering the minute details of an uncovered civilization, or a Russian chess master seeing the breadth of not only what is on the board in front of him but what will be there in 5 moves time.

In comparison, my own grasping for the truth of Scripture often feels more like the way I will (occasionally) turn the house upside-down in an effort to locate my AWOL keys.  What should be a simple process of finding them in their assigned place in the Change Bowl is more often an undignified rummage down the back of the couch.  My journey of Faith Seeking Understanding is often mired in my own baggage, mistakes, prejudices and limitations.  Pure Gonzo Theology.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

It may be that the Greater Minds will find my observations occasionally simple, straightforward, or already argued more astutely by Prof. Unpronounceable-German 20 years ago.  And they are probably right.

However, my fellow Key Hunters out there might derive some benefit.  I suspect there are plenty of us out there.

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